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So here it is ?October already. We got baseball playoffs, leaves turning colors and scarecrows popping up all over. And of course what would October be without a New York Bar Store newsletter in your inbox! Believe it or not, we’re already busy getting geared up for our holiday season. But if there is one thing that makes you realize, it’s that it’s important to enjoy these last waning days of decent weather out before the cold New York winter sets in. So get out there, take a hike, pick a pumpkin, and check out some foliage. Live these last days of the season to the fullest. Then come home back and have a drink, cuz it’s gettin?too chilly to be out there at night!

Bloody Brain (Drink)
Here is a drink I was given once by a bartender that didn’t much appreciate my presence in his establishment. But for October, it just seems to make sense. See how everything happens for a reason? Enjoy, I guess?/P>
3/4 oz of Peach schnapps
?oz of Bailey’s Irish cream
A few drops Grenadine

Mixing instructions:

Pour schnapps into cordial or rocks glass.  Carefully float Bailey’s on top. Drip grenadine into glass on top of Bailey’s. It is very important to drip the grenadine one drop at a time for maximum effect. Done correctly, it should look like a bloody brain floating in embalming fluid. Yummy!

Baseball Bash Flair Video
October is the month for baseball, and following this we have this month’s product:

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