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Bar Optic Night Club Camera Exposure! focuses on Streaming Live Video from the hottest clubs, bars, and venues in the world. AdverMotion, LLC offers to a world wide audience as a tool for determining which nightlife location they would like to visit at any given time. Currently, BarOptic is installing high quality cameras – showcasing only the hottest clubs, popular venues opt into having a live camera in their location and benefit by increasing their exposure, generating more foot traffic, widening their Internet presence, and by servicing the mobile community.

This advanced technology streams video to an unlimited number of consumers at any given time. You have the ability to view these images with any high-speed data connection, (laptop, PC, Web Enabled mobile device, PDA). has provided a solution to a versatile means to nightlife navigation, and the response has been absolutely amazing…

Think of the millions of viewers who will be able to enjoy live video from locations half way across the world! Think of the thousands of venues in the world who can benefit from our consumers! With industry leading partners, experienced management, and the best technology available, is poised for enormous growth and success. Keep coming back – we’re expanding to other major metro areas in the U.S. and add live cameras all the time. BarOptic is wiring the U.S., and the rest of the world! Wait til your watching video from the hottest club in the U.K., Ibiza, or Tokyo!

Amazing Real Time Clubbing Stream!

Start putting your plans into motion, online and streaming! If you are currently a part of the family then we look forward to helping achieve your goals. If not, then now is the perfect time to join. No where else can your venue be showcased the way it can be with BarOptic. Period. With our cutting edge technology and extraordinary customer service your business will grow and be represented the way it deserves. Our service and tools allow us to focus on an “opt in” targeted demographic that will bring your venue to the next level.

Why is Different

  • Cutting Edge Technology Streams LIVE Video from Your Venue!
  • Now Partnered with BestBuy ™ & GeekSquad ™!
  • Cost Effective Marketing – Spend Less Get More!
  • LIVE on Cell Phones and the only company in the USA doing it!
  • Feature regulary updated photos of your location!

    Now Partnered with BestBuy & GeekSquad

    Seamless intergration!On January 12, 2007 BarOptic announced an official partnership with BestBuy and GeekSquad allowing us to conduct seemless equipment installs and activation nationwide. Its a quick, easy, inexpensive and powerful way to bring your club to the world. Call or email us today to set your appointment to join the BarOptic broadcasting revolution. Keep in mind we have several marketing packages and our team will work directly with you to ensure our representation of your venue is always up to date and 100% accurate.

    Cost Effective Marketing

    If you haven’t already done so, join the BarOptic revolution and give our enormous member base what they want: Your Venue LIVE. Our pricing is more than competitive its unheard of…REALLY!! With our many marketing strategies we have the capability to turn our virtual visitors into physical patrons spending money in your venue. BarOptic is no novelty. It is a REAL advertising medium created to showcase the best of the best in the nightlife industry. What are you waiting for start 2007 in technological style with today!!

    LIVE on Cell Phones

    Live Club action on your cell!Its true. Our users can view your venue LIVE on their Windows Based Mobile Devices. Nightlifers can now navigate the night in real time right on their cell phones. Join the BarOptic community and bring your club to them LIVE so they can come to you. If you are not registered our members are missing out on a chance to pay you a visit.

    Current Rate Sheet

    Get in while the rates are low!

    Did You Know?

  • Internet Advertising is Fully Trackable
  • You can Stream LIVE Video for Less than what you pay for most Flyers
  • Over 20 Million Americans have video capable phones
  • Your Web Page is fully Customizable
  • You Schedule when your camera(s) is on/off
  • You can add Events to our Calendar
  • You can Stream a Commercial when your Camera is turned off.
  • Live Video and Mobile Advertising is the Wave of the Future
  • You can Stream LIVE Video for Less than many Banner Ads
  • Stream once a month or 24 hours per day – it costs the same!

    Bar Optic - changing the way clubs promote!

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