One of our hottest selling product lines – FLAIR BARTENDING (click the link to see all our products) – and we’re constantly looking for new kits and ways to get present this hot bartending product to you!

SKYY Flair Bartending Kit is an awesome starter set, professional look, and one you can grow into as your sharpen your flair bar skills! Very Stylish, and when you purchase this kit, you’re buying OFFICIAL FLAIRCO products, not those knockoffs…

Flairco is the founder of flair bartending, and therefore when you purchase the official flairco bottle, you know that these proceeds will go back to the company that is actively working to grow the sport you love! PLUS THE QUALITY is bar none!

Again, if you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we want to make your flair bartending career a fun and exciting one – grow your tips (if you’re a working bartender) or show off some slick moves and flair bartending behind the back moves, check!

Mike Michelini

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