Christmas Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone!

Great gifts for this popular holiday season! We’ve hand selected a few of our better gift ideas all on one page to make your shopping experience more efficient & more fun!! Do your Christmas gift shopping & have fun at the same time – don’t forget, get a couple bar products for yourself too!

PORTOPONG Inflatable Beer Pong Surface

Now beer pong is ready whenever and wherever you are, with PortoPong’s new inflatable beer pong surface!

Wall Mount Uncorking Machine

Wall mounted lever operated wine opener

Chrome Wine Stopper Set

An uncorked bottle of wine will go bad in the course of just a few hours if left open, as air is the natural enemy of wine’s flavor. And once removed, its very difficult if not impossible to re-cork the wine with the used cork.

Deluxe Double Hinge Corkscrew w/case

Deluxe double hinged cork screw with hinged redwood case

Oval Guinness Label Pub Sign

Oval Guinness Label Pub Sign

Fully Stocked Bar Caddy Set

The caddy designed to hold everything, and everything it is designed to hold. It includes beverage napkins, two kinds of straws (sip straws and Collins straws), and two kinds of drink picks (parasol umbrella picks and sword picks).

Mojito Kit

The perfect gift for the mojito lover. This is the perfect gift for the mojito lover on your list! This kit contains all the necessary tools to you need to make a mojito. This includes not just the muddler and shaker tin, but also a rimmer and Rokz mint and lime mojito rimming sugar to create a new level of flavor for your mojito.

Artic Ice Shot 20 Piece Party Pack

Artic Ice shots 20 piece party pack – the coolest party favor there is! Do tequila shots of our frozen margarita mix, or vodka shots out of frozen orange juice! Or, use to make jello shot glasses!

Artic Ice Shot 6 Piece Starter Pack

Artic Ice shots 6 piece starter kit – the coolest party favor there is! Pardon the pun, but Artic Ice Shots are perhaps the coolest party favor ever! These are exactly what they look like – they form an ice cube shaped like a shot glass. Not only is this the best way to serve a “neat” drink, but you can also make the Ice Shot out of your favorite juices and mixers!

Bombed Complete Beer Pong Beirut Kit

The complete beer pong set, this contains everything you need except for the beer! Unique racking system allows for clean play and an even Beirut rack every time. Perfect for college students, back yard BBQ’s, superbowl parties or as a gift.

Pour Spout Sampler

Not sure exactly which pourers are the right one for you? We’ve created a sampler. Customers have also been using these for arts and crafts projects, vinegar and olive oil dispensers, and many other handy jobs around the house! Pick up yours today!

Brutul Lagerhead Black & Tan Turtle

Creates a PERFECTLY layered black & tan every time!

Chrome Condiment, Fruit, & Supply Holder (4 Pint)

The ultimate one source solution for your home bar! Holds everything: napkins, straws, stirrers, olives, cherries, lemons, limes, matches, toothpicks, you name it, this guy can host it! Comes in a beautiful chrome finish, one you will cherish as you make your guests some ultimate drinks!

Black and Tan Kit by Brutul

Create the classic Black and Tan and other delicious layered beers right from the comfort of your own home! Equipped with the “Snapper” bottle opener, this handsome 6 piece kit includes: 1 BAR TOWEL, 2 COASTERS, 2 GLASSES, and 1 LAGERHEAD TURTLE. The key to ultimate black and tan every time!

Bar Ninja Bottle Opener

This opener is modeled off a classic butterfly knife design, but conceals a bottle opener rather than a blade, make this bottle opener the most unique conversation piece behind the bar. In addition standard glow sticks can be activated in the swing handle to create an impressive display in dim lit setting. This is a must if you work “behind the wood”…It’s also fun to play with when the bar is slow!

Push-n-Pop Opener (Lot of 5)

The Push-n-Pop is a fun new opener that is also a real crowd pleaser. Everybody wants to see it work, says one bartender, Great, I tell them, just buy a beer and I’ll show you. Seen on Diggnation episode 63. Excellent gift idea!

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