Design Rules For Building a Home Bar

When building a bar in the house, you should consider the bar as a part of the whole space, but not only a piece of furniture. A good design can melt the bar into the space. The bar location does not have a certain rule to follow, and designers usually suggest to make use of some spaces. If you consider the bar as a main part of space, then you should consider using the moving line. A good design will make your house more comfortable.


Of course the location will affect the electric circuit and the water supply & drainage design, especially when the location is in a corner which is far away from the water pipe or drainage pipe, and then the water drainage will become a big problem. The drainage pipe needs to have a tilt. If the bar location is near the outdoor, then the drainage pipe can stretch outside and drainage with a separate pipe.


As for a bar built in the corner, the operation space needs to be 90cm at least. And there are two sizes of the height, a single level bar is about 110cm, and a double levels bar is between 80cm and 105cm. The distance between the two levels needs to be 25cm at least, so that items can be placed on the inner level.


The height of the bar table depends on the bar functions. The table width is varied based on its function, if it is only for drinking, then you should leave some space for placing the bar products. And if there are seats in front of the bar, the bar table needs to emphasize the bar itself, thus the height needs to be 40-60cm at least, and the down part of a bar with this width is convenient for stocking things.


The wine cabinet design needs to pay attention to the using convenience; the height of each level should be 30-40cm at least. The cabinet should not be designed to be so deep; otherwise it will not be convenient to get something out.


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