10% discount off entire order for trying new VIVA! Stick muddler!


Advanced shipment has just arrived in our warehouse and we need your feedback!

New York Bar Store in conjunction with Liquid Revolutionist introduces the VIVA! Stick muddler.  And we would like you to be among the first to test and review this new muddler design. This new muddler was developed in response to the ever growing popularity of the mojito. If you are a mojito drinker, I don’t have to tell you about the extra time and effort that goes into these cocktails. The VIVA! Stick is designed to expedite the required muddling that slows this drink down, and at the same time result in a more through muddle of the ingredients.

As an incentive, we are offering a 10% discount off your ENTIRE ORDER, as long as the order includes a VIVA! Stick muddler and you enter the code “VIVALR” in the discount field at check out. That’s right – not just the muddler itself but the entire product total of whatever you order. All we ask in return is that you give some feedback on the new design. You can enter your feedback directly on the New York Bar Store blog (www.newyorkbarstore.com/blog) or by replying to this email. Please note that offer expires September 15TH.

The VIVA! Stick’s design is unique in several ways. First, it is larger than the standard muddler, allowing for a much better grip for more pressure on the fruit, and larger muddling area. Additionally, it has an aggressive waffled base, resulting in a more complete muddle. This means more lime juice and mint oil are released into the drink, giving it its fresh, tangy taste. Its dishwasher safe, made of high grade food quality plastic. And at $9.95 MSRP, its much less expensive than other similar “high end” muddlers, whose cost make them impractical for use by most working bartenders.

The VIVA! Stick is the first in our new Liquid Revolutionist line up, whose tag line “Mixology for the People” says it all – these are top quality, professional grade products priced for the working bartender. For more information on the Liquid Revolutionist line, please see www.newyorkbarstore.com/viva_liquid_revolutionist/

In Europe or the UK? Please see https://www.newyorkbarstore.co.uk/viva_liquid_revolutionist/ to buy in GBP and ship from our UK warehouse.

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