Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas

Well everyone has now opened their presents – we at New York Bar Store are confident those of you buying our products as gifts, those gift recipients were more then happy with these new bar products! BUT we know there are some fussy people and stand behind our Christmas Holiday return policy- so please do not be shy to contact us for a refund or exchange.

Well we hope 2007 is as great a year as 2006 was! We’ve had an outstanding year, and we at New york bar store attribute that to you – our great customers! And we are going to keep listening to your requests and suggestions – so keep ’em coming!

  • Product suggestions!
  • New Payment methods
  • Sales and promotions
  • Local New York Events

    Also – with our outstanding success we’ve had a lot of private investment interest….and we want to rest assured our customers are our number one priority & will make decisions for you!

    Also, we’re looking to OPEN a local retail store in New york city!! Yup, that’s right – online and brick & mortar – so you can stop by and pick up the products. We’re working on details and the logisitics – if you have any suggestions or input, let em rip!

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