How to Get Prepared For Working As a Master Blender

After a strict interview, finally you get a job of working as a master blender, which is admired by others, then how to get prepared for working as a master blender?

The first thing you need to get prepared is to dress yourself properly. Go out to buy a pair of comfortable water proof shoes for yourself. You will need to spend several hours in the water, so it is worth of paying for such shoes. If you have to wear black clothes just as the waiters in most bars, then buy yourself a pair of pretty pants, but do not need to be too expensive, because your pants will get white later. Since you have to face the customers, so do dress yourself well.

Second, take the list of grape wine and cocktail home and study it carefully. Usually, you can not start to work before you can make at least five cocktails which the boss asks you to do. Most of bosses will not give you a hard time on your first working day, but who knows?

Third, get to the working place and listen carefully. No matter how much experience you have or how professional training you have had, now you are new to this job and you never come to this place to work, so you need to be modest. Most blenders thought they had already known how to do, but usually it is not the fact. You need to listen carefully and pay attention to every detail in the bar, including the bar products and the old customers. Old customers are very important to the business of the bar, so your work will go well if you know how to serve the old customers.

Forth, be confident. This is your first working day, so you will be nervous and maybe the customers will shout at you. But you need to be confident first and it is very important that you do not make yourself embarrassed. You need to learn from your mistake, then you can become the best master blender.

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