How to submit new product ideas to new york bar store

or simply called as NYBS is an online store where everybody can shop almost everything that are needed as you established a bar or a restaurant. Whenever I’m in bar, I always asked myself where they can buy such amazing supplies being used by a bartender as he entertains us, his customer and how the place was designed and decorate? I’m not blessed of being good when it comes to creating different kinds of drinks which are really good. All I know is to drink and enjoy whatever drinks that were given to me, whether it’s a friend’s recommendation or a special offer by the bar. But because of NYBS, I was able to answer my questions on where they can buy those kinds of cocktail shakers, mugs, glass wares, mats, etc. I was given the opportunity to have information when it comes to bar supplies, decorations, products and designs. NYBS have all of these available at Such products were categorized as bar supplies, bartender kits, pour spouts, bottle openers, cocktail shakers, bar mats, furniture, neon clocks, custom glassware, beer pong, bar stools, tables & lights, wine accessories, decorations, disposables, electrapour, led/mood light, measured pourers and keg supplies. Each of these category offered different types of supplies you wanted to attract customers. Earnings can increase and business will definitely expand as you and your customers enjoy the products that NYBS are offering.


But of course, New York Bar Store doesn’t stop looking and searching for some other good products. NYBS is also open to those who want their products to be marketed online and be part of the business. There are so many ways on how you would be able to do so. You can reach us at NYBS’ phone number +1(646)502-7602 and our customer service will help you out in submitting your great ideas to New York bar store. You can also send us an email to, provided by your information, name, contact number/s and email address plus the new product ideas that you have or the description of it. If you could also add some pictures or videos that will provide and show the quality of the products, well, that’s great! It can easily attract more visitors and somehow can be, in the future, be our customer or affiliates or partners. Just in case you weren’t able to reach our customer service, you can just leave a message with your contact information and the description of the products you wanted to submit, and we can give you a call for confirmation of the detailed product.

I hope that you could be a part of NYBS, and can contribute on the continuous growth of our business. NEW YORK BAR STORE’s SUCCESS IS ALSO YOUR SUCCESS!!!

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