Modern Bar Design

Each bar has it’s own unique look and feel. Modern bars, both commercial and home, bar can be as small as simply adding some shelves in your dining area to completely refurbishing your den or basement. Before you invest your time and money, do your research, we have provided some links to helpful webpages for even more extensive information on building the perfect bar for your style.

Modern Bar Design
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Modern Bar Design

Tired of the boring home bar designs found on the web? Looking to create a modern bar designed to “ooooh and ahhhh” your future guests? Building a home bar has become a national past time, and New York Bar Store is here to drop some helpful pointers you should consider before dedicating your time and money. Enjoy the rewarding experience of building your very own home bar, the modern trophy of American society. Design a nice enough one and you’ll be the host of all your friends and coworkers parties. Network with your buddies after work, get a poker night together…picnics, bbqs, golf outing after parties, the possibilies are endless!

Home Bar Location

One thinks home bar, one relates to the basement. It is essential to have a home bar in a location that will allow future expansion…as you may invest in dartboards, pool tables, poker tables, and additional furniture. If you’re going with the basement, think, no mildew, right? Got the carpeting down, away from the furnace, enough electricity for the hooked up stereo. Another key idea, does the room have plumbing? Near a bathroom? How about smoking, will guests be smoking in the room or have to go outside? Lighting….wow, that is another whole section in itself….lighting can really set the ideal mood and feel for the bar! Window lighting, dimmers, candles, the possibilties are endless…so let your imagination go wild, be today’s Picasso of home bars!

Behind the Bar

Often overlooked, being able to easily navigate behind the bar is crucial to the success of a real home bar. Similar to the “triangle” theory for a kitchen, a bartender behind the bar must be able to easily access the sink, counter space, ice, glassware, and condiments easily. Otherwise, expect to find no volunteers to make the drinks, or even worse, the bottles simply left in the room for all to “pour” I mean spill and waste, your liquor! Please don’t fall victim to those making a home bar…and forget the bar! Nice furniture is cool, but nothing beats mixing up some sweet drinks and dropping some a-game with the guests!

So get out of your 9-5 mindset…bring some friends, grab some beers, and brainstorm some sweet ideas. Got a theme color in mind…certain pattern, leather, vinyl, wood finish? 70’s style, shag carpeting, cow patterns? This is your time to shine, where stories will be made, generations will be passed, and toasts to the good life will be called! Enjoy!

We hope this instructional has helped. Please feel free to contact us at and let us know if this has helped or not! We’d love to hear some great stories!

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