Our Experience of Building a Home Bar

My husband has been longing for having our own home bar for quite a long time. This summer, the chance to realize this dream finally came. We finally have our own house after getting married for ten years. At the beginning of the decoration, my husband had planned to leave a space next to the kitchen for the bar. And when it came to build the home bar, he really got excited.

The place we left to build the bar is about 6 square meters. First, we needed to decide on the design of the bar. After several discussions, we decided to go with a freestanding design which would be easier to construct but should still provide adequate storage and socializing room. The main material we chose is wood, because in our opinion, a wood bar is by far the easiest to construct. My husband invited a carpenter and did the basic wood work and also built six small wood chairs. It is important to make sure that the stools match the wood grain and color of the bar, and size is important as well. Second, the bar top is another important step; we chose a standard oak veneer plywood top, coated with 7 or 8 coats of polyurethane to resist spills. Third, it is time to install the beer tap system, web bar sink plumbing and electrical hookups.

Because we were planning on stocking a lot of beer, so refrigeration was essential. To save money, we bought a mini-fridge which would be able hold enough to satisfy the beer demands. After that, we went to buy some nice bar products such as cocktail shaker, barware, ice buckets and pourers etc.

Now we can enjoy our time in this small bar every day and feel so relaxing and happy.

Christy, a house wife who loves to write something about what she thinks and feels. One of the websites she likes to visit is www.newyorkbarstore.com, you can also have a visit if you want, it is a wonderful site to do with bar supplies.

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