Palm Spin Tutorial & How to Palm Spin

Today we’ll go over bartending flair lesson and make some bartender tricks behind the bar, and hopefully you gonna be able to do and make more money behind the bar.

Tins are good, it’s unbreakable, so if you drop and nothing gonna happen

First, we’ll start off with really basic trick called palm spin.

Just grab regular

Once you flip like this, it’ll spin like this.

You have to be carefully, and flick. Open you hard, let the tin spin and close your hard and you’re done, it’s a basic palm spin.

Another one is up and down palm spin

Next we will combine some point

Kown more palm spin, just watch the video below, any question you can send us a email, also if you want to buy some Flair Bartending Bottles or Flair Bartending Kit, you can see more here

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