Rules You Should Know Before You Drink in a British Wine Bar

You might be surprised about not seeing formal line-up in wine bar in Britain. Every one knows the fact that British love queues, but it is not the case in wine bar. The bar staff are skilled at knowing whose turn it is. There are rules for you to try to attract the bar worker’s attention. You can hold some money or empty glass and even have anxious facial expression to let them know you have not been served yet. If you look content and delight, then they would think you are already being served.

You should remember that if you want to be treated well in a wine bar in Britain, then do not let the bar staff wait when you make up your minds, also do not stand idly against the bar when there are a lot of customers wanting for service.

Foreign tourists might not understand how the British can manage to buy themselves a drink, but in fact they always do without any unhappiness. If you follow the tips above then you should be able to have a good drink in a British pub.

Another important thing is not to give the bar staff money as tips but to offer them a drink. They would think you respect them if you do so. A British bar often has various bar supplies for you to enjoy, what you need to do is to learn some basic bar rules and keep a good relationship with the bar’s workers before enjoying them.

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