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Whiskey & Rosemary

Erika Moore and Raquel Ravenell met in Atlanta, GA, 2017 and instantly connected through their love of travel, food and cocktails. They both worked at Studio no.7 , a former Atlanta event space, crafting cocktails for an array of events. One evening after work (and one too many whiskey cocktails) they became inspired to start a business and to name it “Whiskey and Rosemary”. Within a few months, they booked a trip to Thailand, where they explored and built on their new idea, later establishing their business in 2018 as Whiskey and Rosemary LLC. They have been working together ever since. Currently, Whiskey and Rosemary is a lifestyle brand with goals to connect with everyday people who love and enjoy the crafted lifestyle just as much as they do.

Whiskey and Rosemary focuses on Cocktail Experiences, Classes, Events, Creative Content, Craft, Food, Travel and Community.


Let’s Get to Know Whiskey & Rosemary

  • How did you ladies met and what's the story behind the inception of Whiskey and Rosemary?

    We met in 2017. We both worked for an event space called Studio no. 7 where we would bartend for an array of events. One night after work (and a few glasses of bourbon whiskey) we were singing songs and dancing with our friend Will. The name Whiskey and Rosemary was created through a song we made up and eventually we decided to start a blog and to name it Whiskey and Rosemary.

  • What do Whiskey and Rosemary offer to clients?

    Whiskey and Rosemary is a lifestyle brand that focuses on Craft cocktails, food, travel, experiences, mental health etc. We offer bartending services, craft menu curation, bar programming, cocktail classes, creative content and more.

  • Outside Whiskey and Rosemary, what do you ladies do as hobbies instead?

    We love to travel, hike, spend time with family and friends. We also like to work on other crafts.

  • How is the Whiskey and Rosemary thriving during this pandemic?

    We are focusing on growing our business, educating ourselves and partnering with brands that align with our purpose.

  • What are the best achievements each of you can share as a professional in this industry?

    We are grateful for how far we've come in this business. Whiskey and Rosemary started out as a blog and now we've grown into a business that is surely blossoming. One of our biggest achievements has been building our community.

  • What are the worst mistakes each of you can share that you don't want others to suffer the same?

    We learn something new everyday. Make sure you have the support and resources you need when working with others and building your brand.

  • What are the biggest milestones of Whiskey and Rosemary that you both are proud of?

    We are proud to have been able to share our craft with our supporters and everyday people who enjoy the craft lifestyle just as much as we do. Growing from a blog to a business was a huge milestone for us.

  • Can you recommend another friend or family member who belong to the industry also and worth featuring as well? If yes, what is her or his IG or Facebook link or email address?

    Nadya - IG @the_tipsy_tutor

  • What is the participation of your business in the black community especially the entrepreneurs?

    We host a yearly event called "Breathe" that focuses on mental health and the importance of connecting the Black community with Black Therapists.

  • Is there anything that you ladies wanna share that we haven't asked about?

    If you're in the Atlanta area and want to attend a farm to bar experience, check us out every third Thursday of the month at Parlor Cocktail Den in Castleberry Hills. We host an event called FARMACY where we work with local farms in the city and use their produce in our crafted cocktails and in a specialty dish prepared by Chef Lara of Parlor Den.