Are you a bartender or drinking enthusiast who wants to share their knowledge and perspective with the world?

Here at New York Bar Store we have always been looking for talented artists and writers - while they are sober (although drunk blogging has its place in the world) - we hope to collect amazing writers and share them with the world.

How does the guest writing program work here at NYBS?

First: apply to be a contributor (complete the form here). We are looking for people in the industry who have a passion for sharing and a unique experience to share. Let us know what kind of topics you like and what your goals are for writing. We have had writers in the past where we did collaborations with them making their own product line!

Once we review your application, we may ask for more questions or examples of your writing. Also other followup emails or phone calls. We are focusing on quality here instead of quantity.

There are 2 ways this can work, you can submit us the text article and our editing team will review it and post it. The other option is you can login directly to our web server and post it. But that is done after we have worked together for some time.

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Sounds like fun right? share your experience and connect with others around the world, start today!:
Apply To Be a Guest Blogger Now!