Flashing LED Cubes

25 pcs Flashing LED Ice Cubes

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These Liquid Activated LED Ice Cubes have been very popular lately in many bars, clubs and are sure to be a hit at your next party as well! When placed in a drink, the liquid activated LED lights flash in multiple colors (red, green and blue). Creates a “oh that´s cool” (first drink) to “wow those are freakin’ awesome! (about 3 drinks in) response from everyone in the room! And when you get a few drinks in a dark room with these cubes in them, its enough to just about illuminate the place!

Great as a promotion to upsell a premium cocktail at your bar. Or use for non-alcholic drinks as well – kids love them, toss in their Kool Aid and watch their reaction!

SOLD BY 25 pcs

Liquid activation- no tapping required

Size: 1.25 inches on each side

long lasting lithium batteries (not replaceable, but last for days of continual use!)

perfect for parties, weddings, or an upsell on premium drinks at your bar

Clear cubes with color changing LED (flashes blue, green and red)
Shipping Weight: 0.6lbs
Manufactured by: nybs

25 pcs Flashing LED Ice Cubes