New VIVA! Stick muddler from Liquid Revolutionist

VIVA! Stick Muddler by Liquid Revolutionist Allows for Faster Delivery of Mojitos

The ever growing popularity of the mojito has catapulted this once obscure drink to a staple drink in many establishments nationwide. And as refreshing as it is for the patron, this minty Cuban cocktail has become a burden on the bartender. Most bartenders loathe making it for the simple reason that they are slow to make compared to other drinks, largely due to the muddling involved. Muddling, in the case of a mojito, is the pulverization of the limes and mint together to release the oils that give the cocktail its unique and refreshing flavor. This as well generally results in mojitos being more expensive than other drinks out there due to the added effort (and hence time) that goes into making them. And when customers are stacked deep at the bar, its among the last requests most bartenders want to hear.

The new VIVA! Stick muddler by Liquid Revolutionist seeks to assist the bartender in the creation of this ever popular cocktail. It is superior to other muddlers in several ways, but mainly in that it is larger than the standard muddler, allowing for a much better grip for more pressure on the fruit, and larger muddling area. Additionally, it has an aggressive waffled base, resulting in a more complete muddle. This means more lime juice and mint oil are released into the drink, giving it its fresh, tangy taste. Its dishwasher safe, made of high grade food quality plastic. And at $9.95 MSRP, its much less expensive than other similar “high end” muddlers, whose cost make them impractical for use by most working bartenders.
Liquid Revolutionist Bar Tools are the latest brain child from award winning bartender, recognized mixologist and Liquid Revolutionist, Shawn Soole. Shawn is a natural pointing out how bar products can be made better and more functional, and over the past ten plus years he has come up with a number of improvements to existing tools of the trade. Many bar products in use today, muddlers in particular, have changed little in the past hundred years or more. It only makes sense that the time has come to revamp and redesign this bartending basic.

The Liquid Revolutionist line says it all – “Mixology for the People!” The idea is to produce well designed, well thought out top quality bar products and supplies without the massive mark up applied to most other custom designs. This produces a highly functional product with the professional bartender in mind at a cost that doesn’t require you to chain it to the bar.

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