New York Bar Store Turns 18 Years Old


Amazing this website has stood the test of time – New York Bar Store was “born” in a studio apartment in Murray Hill district of Manhattan, New York on May 5, 2005.

I remember figuring out how to update the DNS settings to the shopping cart solution we had setup. Watching the DVD training about Overture penny bids and connecting our credit card (maybe no credit so it was a company debit card lol) and then heading out for Cinquo De Mayo parties in New York City.

The next day waking up to a 95 USD sale of a flair bartending kit, with a total spend of about 3 usd (or less!)

Was truly amazed ,and then started to hone in on the keyword that drove that sale, and digging deeper into why that specific product was the one (of the 150+ products we offered) that sold.

The months and years that followed, truly a school of hard knocks. Doing a phone call w/ my old adjunct professor – Carl Pavarini – to figure out how to better ship products as our apartment was overloaded with goods and UPS call stickers on our doorstep. He mentioned 3pl, and I had no idea what he was talking about.

Truly mistake after mistake with that business – and somehow we have kept it online.

This is what I always tell people during my talks and podcasts- to take action and push things ahead. You will NEVER be 100% right, ever – especially when you are just starting out.

Happy birthday NYBS – there are big plans still for you!