Why Do You like Oak Bar Stools

An oak is a tree or shrub in the genus Quercus (pronounced ;[1] Latin “oak tree”), of which about 600 species exist on earth.

Oak wood has a density of about 0.75 gram cubed, great strength and hardness, and is very resistant to insect and fungal attack because of its high tannin content. I think that’s why oak is widely used as the bar stools, and also it’s our today’s topic:

Oak Bar Stools

NewYorkBarStore has been working in the bar related area for more than five years, at the beginning we only sold several small quantity products, and now we have more than 20 categories and more than 500 products.

But it still didn’t get our target within years.

oak bar stools – yes – and now we start selling bar stool, which I believe will be the most powerful and competitive products which we haven’t conquered yet.

The idea of bar seat stools originated from the social drinking bar scene, hence the name.

In the past, primarily in the UK, bars (or pubs) were (and still are) very popular places for people to have a casual gathering while having a social drink. These pubs would be furnished with regular tables and chairs as well as booths. Bar stools would reside at the counter where the bartender serves drinks. Over time, these stools gained popularity outside of the drinking bar scene and in people’s homes. For example, they are often placed at the kitchen counter to allow people to have a casual meal such as a quick breakfast before heading off to work.

Another important factor to consider is the material. The choice would mostly depend on your personal preference and how well a particular material will match with the room in which the bar stools will reside. Do you have a theme going? The popular materials include metal and wood. Amongst the wood variety, stools made from hardwood such as oak bar stools are very much in demand.

Why People Like Decorating With Oak Bar Stools

The big reason people like to pick oak seating as the type of furniture they want in their home is because of the natural color and grain of the wood. As I mentioned at the beginning, Oak is going to be a little lighter than cherry, and much lighter than ebony, mahogany, and woods like that. Different types of stain will make oak a little bit darker or lighter depending on the type of stain. But in general, it is the light color that people really enjoy from oak.

People also enjoy that natural grain look that oak gives. Different types of wood are going to have a different type of grain and look to the wood, so that is going to be a little bit more of a personal preference choice. The one thing you should probably never do is purchase any oak furniture that has been painted. This will certainly take away from the natural beauty of the wood. If you want wood furniture to be painted, go with something like pine.

Oak bar seating can go nicely with more traditional types of home decoration patterns as well. The key is making sure you follow your personal style, and are happy with the stools you choose. Remembering that the reason people normally go with oak bar stools is because of the lighter color, the traditional look, and beautiful grain patterns are important.

For more oak bar stools information you can visit our Oak Bar Stools Category

Price: $90 USD / each FOB Guangzhou, China
Valid: Til May 1 2019
Qty – 50 pieces
Shipping: $2300 USD by sea, 4-5 weeks
Import duties: from our research, 40% depending on classification and amount of materials declared as well as price
Sample – we will buy 3 samples from 3 suppliers, pick best quality, take photo / video – and send best one to you. Cost with shipping $350usd
Timeframe from placing order – items in stock, ship within 7 days from payment.
Payment: bank transfer

Next step: If these photos are in the ballpark and price and timeframe – order the samples, once accepted, place order and then 5-7 days until shipment is made (QC check and load to port)

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