Esatto 6 Pack Interlocking Shelf Mats 12″, Black

Our interlocking shelf mats are a great tool that allows you to build a clean and drying area anywhere within your bar. You can easily create a variety of areas that have various uses.

For starters, you can place wet glass and even dishes on these interlocking shelf mats. It is the ideal place for you to leave them to dry after being used. Our shelf mats allow for constant airflow to get in your upturned drying glasses.

The practice of having your glasses and dishes air dry is a hygienic practice as moisture is kept away. They are also a great place to put and store your glasses, avoiding any chips that could take place.

You could also use these interlocking shelf mats for storage areas. The grip and anti-slip feature of these mats would greatly protect your glasses and silverware from shifting around and accidentally being broken.

Their interlocking nature means that you can build your dry and clean area anywhere on your countertops and in your bar. You don’t even have to use all pieces in the pack for one area. If you so desire, you can split them up into groups of three and spread them out to different areas in your bar.