Bar Stool – Pocket Rockets Michael Godard


For those of you unfamiliar “pocket rockets” is a poker term for having two aces in your hand. This piece take’s the “Texas Hold’em” motif and runs with it…complete with cactus martini glass, cowboy hats, lassos and steers head. The perfect gift for poker enthusiast, cowboy, or both (you know somebody you know just popped into your mind!)

 High quality bar stool has the following features: Double Ring Style, Swivel Seat

Dimensions: 15 inch cushion, Height: 30 inches

Please allow approx 1 week for delivery on this beautiful masterpiece, imagine how many times you’ll take a sip of your favorite drink & glance at this trophy, get yours today!

About Michael Godard: Michael Godard is currently the number one selling artist in the world. Michael Godard’s paintings have all doubled in value as soon as that edition sells out. His painting are sought after by many celebrities including Arnold Shwarzenegger and his good friend Vince Neil. Michael has also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show. These awesome works of art sell out very fast. Godard’s trademark paintings of olive’s and martini’s are becoming the hottest sought-after artwork in the world! He is widely recognized as one of the most versatile artists of our time. Michael was also the 1st artist commissioned to do the “Cow’s on Parade” that was featured on Oprah. He has also appeared on ABC, NBC, The Discovery Channel, and does the artwork for many major rock bands. His work can be found in numerous high-end art galleries across the country. No matter what the subject of his art, whether it’s olive’s jumping in martini’s, grapes chasing corks, or flaming dice, one thing gallery owners and the public agree on, Michael Godard’s paintings are incredible and are perfect for a home bar or restaurant!