Car Accessory Buddha Car Mirror - Sun Catcher Rearview Mirror Charm

Brand: Akitai



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Transform every trip and drive with the Buddha car pendant for car rear view mirror. These natural crystal decors are more than just for show. While aesthetically pleasing, the beads also work to take in the warmth light of the sun and diffuse it into beautiful colors that are spread throughout your car. The beauty of these colors not only sets you in a better mood, but also gives off a feeling of joy and inspiration as you drive to your destinations. The laughing Buddha included in the design also stands for many things. It helps to remind people to be generous and happy. At the same time, it is used to attract prosperity and a long life. The quality materials used to make this Buddha car hanging charm include beads, the crystal cross, and brass. A strong and durable polyester rope helps to keep it all hanging together. Apart from being a Buddha car accessory accessory, this charm is very versatile as well. It can be used as a hanging decoration anywhere that has windows or mirrors. For this reason, it is also an ideal gift to your friends and loved ones. Giving it as a gift is more than just making their lives more beautiful, but also making it more loving.
Auto Part Position Left, Right
Brand Akitai
Color Larger Buddha
Mounting Type Hanging
Included Components Cord And String
Size Medium
Shape Irregular

✨ VIBRANT COLORS – Capture sunlight while driving and transform it into vibrant colors that envelope your car. Spread the colors with the beads from this car charm’s buddha and make every trip an enjoyable one. Whether you are heading out for daily errands or on your way to and from work, or going on a long drive, the sun catcher rearview mirror charm hanging car accessory will bathe all of your trips in vibrant colors, ensuring it will be a great drive regardless.

✨ LAUGHING BUDDHA – More than simple design, the laughing Buddha symbolizes many things. For starters, it stands for generosity and happiness. It also hopes to bring about prosperity and long life. The symbol of happiness lends itself greatly to driving. Staying happy on the road helps to reduce any possible accidents from taking place. At the same time, the symbol of propserity and long life help to frame each and every day towards a positive outcome.

✨ A PERFECT GIFT – This Buddha car pendant for rear view mirrors act as more than just ornaments while you drive. They are also a great gift that you can give friends and family as you share the vibrant colors and emotions they spread. Many people drive cars. That is why offering the hanging car pendant and smiling Buddha from these hanging sun catcher car ornaments is a gift that can be used by many. Wherever the accessory can catch the sun, it can be used and set up, making it an ideal gift.

✨ QUALITY MATERIALS – The Buddha car statue is made with quality materials such as beads and crystals for great design. It also uses durable polyester rope to keep it all together. With all the effects that the various stones and the laughing Buddha give its users, it is important to know that they will stay intact when hanging from one’s car or in one’s home. With these, you can be sure that they will stay intact, operable, and useful long enough to share their value to their users.

✨ MIX AND MATCH – The beauty of these sun catcher rearview mirror charms is that they can easily be mixed and matched to your liking. Akitai’s inventory for these ornaments runs deep, with an assortment of various crystals to choose from. Combine various crystals to let loose an explosion of different colors. Apart from collecting various bursts of colors, each different crystal also holds a different meaning and benefit to its users. Select the right crystal for your needs.

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