Charm Bracelets for Women – Amazonite Howlite Turquoise

Brand: Akitai



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Starting a new chapter in life? Look no further! This handmade piece of jewelry will convey a healing energy and feeling for that special person: coworker, friend, boss, relative or girlfriend. Our jewelry thoughtfully combines beads and stones to help relieve stress, balance energy and emotions when wearing them. This bracelet will help them relax and maintain hope through difficult times. Handcrafted in Thailand with care and love by master women artisans, this is the perfect gift because it can be worn in so many ways and combinations: at work, casual, going out, practicing yoga, meditation, stacking them or wearing them separately. And the 4 bracelets come in a lovely box which is 100% recyclable.

📿💭 Thoughtful & Powerful Turquoise Bracelet for Women: Immerse yourself in the symbolic essence of this green turquoise bracelet. Enhanced with an elephant charm – an animal that is as wise as it is strong – this turquoise gemstone bracelet represents and emanates energies of strength, wisdom, and good fortune.

💭 Amazonite: A Hopeful Reminder: Leading this turquoise bracelet for women is Amazonite, a gem revered for its anxiety-easing properties. This stone was also one brought on by Amazon warriors, symbolizing hope and truth in their battles. Be reminded of the empowering attributes found in Amazonite jewelry.

📿 Howlite for Calm and Clarity: Experience tranquility and heightened awareness with howlite’s inclusion, a vital part of the howlite crystal bracelet lineage. Keep tempers cool, and days calm, allowing you to enjoy each and every moment. Furthermore, howlite is a stone known for bringing good luck to its wearers.

❤️‍🩹 Healing Gift with Turquoise Bangles: Navigate through life’s challenges with this turquoise bangle bracelet for women. It harmonizes energies and serves as a beacon of hope in tough times. A steadfast beacon of hope, these bracelets stand as tangible reminders of resilience during even the toughest of times.

📿 Size & Weight for Everyday Elegance: Crafted with 6m and 4m stones and weighing just around 20gm or 0.7 oz, this turquoise bead bracelet is lightweight and comfortable, ideal for daily wear. With a harmonious blend of delicate aesthetics and comfort, this bracelet becomes your ideal companion for effortlessly chic adornment.

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