Charm Bracelets for Women – Onyx Elephant Protection Stone

Brand: Akitai



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The charm bracelet was thoughtfully handcrafted by masterful women artisans of Thailand. With this handmade charm bracelet, you can call positive energies to realign your life to happiness. This charm bracelet was carefully crafted by combining beads and stones. Each part of the charm bracelet can do multiple things for people such as relieving stress, balancing energies, and healing emotions. It is also a source of relaxation and when worn, can help maintain hope through difficult times. Whether you are going to work, having fun with friends on a night out, practicing yoga, or meditation, this charm bracelet is sure to fit any occasion. It was also designed with style in mind. You can wear one or stack several of them for a striking accessory. These 4 bracelets come in a lovely box that is 100% recyclable.
Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Akitai
Metal stamp No Metal Stamp
Metal Brass
Material Stone
Gem Type Onyx
Diameter 6.2 inches
Height 0.4 inches
Width 2 inches
Length 5 inches
Chain Box Chain
Clasp Lobster Claw

📿💭 THOUGHTFUL & MEANINGFUL – This “good luck bracelet” is not just decorative but purposeful. With charms and stones carefully chosen for their unique energies, this piece serves as a powerful amulet. The elephant charm symbolizes strength and wisdom, making it a meaningful addition to your daily wear.

💭 FORWARD MOMENTUM – Stuck in a rut? Our “onyx bangle bracelet” offers a tangible boost through whatever it is you may be going through. The Onyx stone, a renowned “onyx protection stone,” channels energy and courage to help you move beyond obstacles, making this more than just a fashion accessory.

❤️‍🩹 THE GIFT OF HEALING – Life is full of challenges; that’s why this “good luck bracelet” serves as a healing gift for any afflictions and sufferings come your way. Crafted from natural stones and crystals, the bracelet harmonizes energies and provides a sense of hope, making it an ideal present for those navigating hardships.

📿 LIGHT AS AIR – Weighing in at just 0.7 oz, our “boho bangle bracelets for women” are incredibly lightweight. Crafted with 6mm and 4mm stones, it has a 7″ diameter, ensuring a comfortable fit without weighing you down. With how easy and breezy it is to take this bracelet around, it can be worn to the office, at home, or a day at the beach.

💞 UNIQUELY VERSATILE – Handmade in beautiful Thailand, this “boho bangles bracelets for women” item is as stylish as it is functional. With its authentic gemstones and silver-plated brass beads, you can wear it on casual outings or formal engagements. Its versatility allows for both single or stacked wear.

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