DisposaBomb Cups 500 pieces per case


  • Pour 2 part “Bombers” quickly and accurately.
  • 1 oz. shot glass built in to 4 oz. outer cup.
  • Clear or Neon Green.
  • 500 per case.

The Disposabomb™ powerbomb shot cup is perfect for: Jager Bombs, Berry Bombs, Tick Tacks, Melon Bombs, Cherry Bombs or any other bomb shot you can think of! This disposable bomb shot cup is a two chamber cup that separates the two beverages until you tilt it up and enjoy your shot. Each of the plastic bomb cups have a 1 ounce inner cup with a 2.75 ounce outer cup. With the power bomb shot you do not need to worry about over pouring! That way you’ll keep the taste of every drink consistent and save money on liquor. Our plastic disposable shot cups from disposabomb and covalence plastics are easy to use and economical.