Esatto – Gift Pack 1 (Caddy, Rimmer, Muddler, Pourer)

Starting a newly opened bar or just need to restock on certain professional bar tools? Esatto’s professional bar tool gift pack is one that gives a lot of value as you receive four items. For one purchase, you get a caddy, a rimmer, a muddler, and a pourer.

A bar caddy is a great item that helps bartenders and bar owners organize their work areas, keep it clean, and increase efficiency and productivity. It is a tool that allows you to prepare napkins, straws, stirrers, and many other things for your service hours.

With all of these things prepared, you can utilize it to quickly prepare more drinks for your customers.

The rimmer is another tool that not only helps you with your preparation, but also adds to your repertoire of drinks. The rimmer has multiple tiers where you can put certain ingredients like salt, sugar, lime juice, and more.

Once set, you can just dip the glass to put these ingredients on the glass’ rim. They can be for aesthetic purposes, but for most cases, they serve to enhance the flavor of certain drinks.


Unboxing Esatto – Gift Pack 1 (Caddy, Rimmer, Muddler, Pourer)