Ice Scoop Plastic 82 oz


  • An ice scoop is very important. Always stab the scoop into the ice handle-up so that you’re only touching the handle. Never underestimate the power of ice. It’s the second thing you need when making a cocktail or just simply adding it to drinks on the rock. It’s needed to melt the necessary water into the drink as well as keep it cold. The ice needs to be extremely clean at all times (preferably made from filtered water).
  • 82 ounce size capacity
  • Plastic material
  • Quality 82 oz. polycarbonate professional grade ice scoop. Easily fill more than 3-4 glass with ice in one scoop. If you’re in a high volume bar environment, a large ice scoop is a must.( from barsupplies ).
  • perfect for showmanship in bar flairing.