Ice Scoop Stainless Steel


  • An ice scoop is very important. Always stab the scoop into the ice handle-up so that you’re only touching the handle. Never underestimate the power of ice. It’s the second thing you need when making a cocktail or just simply adding it to drinks on the rock. It’s needed to melt the necessary water into the drink as well as keep it cold. The ice needs to be extremely clean at all times (preferably made from filtered water).
  • Cool must-have bartending tool
  • 4 ounce size capacity
  • Stainless Steel
  • Regardless of all the fancy and uncommon liqueurs that may be necessary to concoct the perfect tipple, each and every mixed drink that a bartenders makes for his or her guests will require one item – ice. Because most liquors are not chilled, ice becomes an integral ingredient that hits the glass before a drop of alcohol reaches the rim. In order to quickly and efficiently fill your patron’s glasses with ice, Tablecraft recommends its 4 Oz Stainless Steel Ice Scoop (512). These long ice scoops are perfect for filling your customers’ glasses with cubes prior to adding rum and coke, or any other cocktail ingredients.( from foodservicewarehouse ).
  • This stainless steel ice scoop is compact and versatile and can be used for anything from scooping ice to scooping candy or grain or anything else you can think of. ( from martiniwarehouse ).