Mojito Kit

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Mojito Kit

This is the perfect gift for the mojito lover on your list!

Try a little gift pack of organic garden mint – a popular herb which brightens up everything in Mojitos!

Whatever type of Mojito you may choose, you are assured to like the Mojito as a summer party drink mainly because everything about it welcomes the summer: the traditional Mojito, especially, is quite light and citrusy-sweet ?perfect for combating the summer heat. Of course, there are Mojito differences that are a bit warmer and heavier (for non-summer enjoyment), but if not, much of the request of the Mojito is original from it being a “fresh drink? The most excellent part about the Mojito, of course, is that the “lightness?of the drink does not take anything away from the “kick?of the alcohol. So what you have when you drink a Mojito is a refreshing beverage that offers you a very nice buzz.

Of course, once you have tasted a Mojito, then you may want to be able to make a Mojito for yourself ?thankfully, there are different ways in coming up to preparing a Mojito, as well as quite a few recipes of Mojito that are easily reachable to anyone via the world wide web. If you neither the time or the patience to make a Mojito from scratch, then you could always go and buy a bottle of Mojito mix drink (just add to rum and club soda, and you have a Mojito!). No matter which way you go, you will still have Mojitos to enjoy.

This kit contains all the necessary tools to you need to make a mojito. This includes not just the muddler and shaker tin, but also a rimmer and Rokz mint and lime mojito rimming sugar to create a new level of flavor for your mojito.

$4 off retail price if purchased separately!

30oz stainless steel shaker, drink rimmer, muddler and Rokz mojito rimming sugar
Model: CCP13-SET-03-MOJITO
Shipping Weight: 2lbs
Manufactured by: nybs

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