Portable French Press

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Portable French Press Coffee Maker – Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug – Hot and Cold Tea and Coffee (12 oz) – Great for Commuter – Sisitano

COFFEE or TEA – use with ground coffee or your favorite tea at the base, add hot water and abracadabra you have your favorite drink!
BPA FREE Food Grade Plastic – We care about nature and your health!
PORTABLE – Compact design allows you to take it with you – in the car, to the office, or right at home at the kitchen table!
LIGHTWEIGHT – Throw it in your bag or carry it around in your hand!
EASY TO CLEAN UP – all parts come apart smooth and fast, so you can wash it hassle free and let it air dry.

french press coffee maker spoon add coffee to go lavazza roast coffee moka pot Sisitano
pour hot water to french press coffee maker 6 cup portable plastic tumbler tea or coffee
French press Coffee Maker Travel portable mug tumbler plastic coffee can hot and cold brew
Step 1.
Add coffee (or tea)!

Add 28 g of ground coffee based on your preferences. Customers also tell us they like to use it for whole leaf tea, green tea black tea as the press can easily separate the leaf pieces from your drink!

Step 2.
Add Hot water!

Add Hot water based on your preferences. In case you are making tea, let the tea sit for 3-5 minutes before pressing down. This will make the taste much better

Step 3.
Press down!

Slowly press the top part down. Make sure not to have the lid on. This process separates the coffee grounds from the coffee itself so you can enjoy your freshly brewed coffee on the go!

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