Esatto Bar Products Premium Bar Caddy, With Additional 12 Pourers and 12 Pourer Covers

Any workplace will benefit from organization. It doesn’t matter if it is an office, a paper mill, a restaurant, or even a bar. Being organized has many benefits that can help improve a workplace’s operations. For the premium bar caddy, this is a great organizational bar tool.

With the bar caddy, bartenders can prepare all the necessary items such as napkins, stirrers, straws, and cocktail picks. With all these items gathered together, bartenders can serve customers more efficiently.

More efficiency means more drinks served. More drinks served means more profit.

Under the caddy, the bottom surface has rubber bumpers. These were placed there to greatly improve the stability of the caddy. In addition, these rubber bumpers also help to keep the caddy from sliding on any surface that it is put on.

In addition to the premium bar caddy, several items have been added to enhance the value it gives to you. For starters, the premium bar caddy comes with 12 pourers. These pourers help bartenders serve liquor or spirits without spilling a drop. A wasted drop is a wasted dollar. Apart from that, it helps keep the work station clean by avoiding spills.