Winged Cork Screw


  • Open wine bottles easily with the large, curved “wings” and easy-grip body.
  • Top quality stainless steel.
  • This Winged Corkscrew is a great way to open up any bottle of wine quickly and efficiently. Its sleek design is just the thing to hold comfortably and remove a cork smoothly.( from teesforall ),
  • Avoid the hassle of shattered corks with the Mainstays Winged Corkscrew. This easy to use device is ideal for wine enthusiasts.( from walmart ).

How to Use a Winged Corkscrew ( from )

1.Cut off the foil. Most wing corkscrews don’t come with knives, so use a sharp kitchen knife to score the foil just under the lip of the wine bottle. Pull off the foil cap and discard it.

2.Set the corkscrew in place. Place the tip of the corkscrew in the center of the cork and push down gently. The metal cap surrounding the screw should rest against the top of the bottle, with the butterfly wings lowered against the neck of the wine bottle.

3.Turn the handle. Hold the metal cap in place on the bottle with one hand, and use the other to turn the handle and screw the corkscrew into the cork. As you twist, the wings will begin raising upward. Continue turning the handle until the wings have raised to an upright position.

4.Push down the wings and remove the cork. Place the bottle on a table and use both hands to push down the wings of the corkscrew. As you push them down, the cork will begin lifting. Continue pushing until the wings are flat against the bottle’s neck and the cork has emerged from the bottle.

  • If you flatten the wings and the cork is still in the bottle, use the handle to twist it further into the cork until the wings are raised in an upright position again. Push them down again to raise the cork. Continue this process until the cork comes out.
  • You might have to grasp the corkscrew and pull out the cork to finish the job.