Home Bar Cocktails: Bringing the Bar Cocktail Experiences and Bar Hospitality straight to your Home Parties – Part 2

Tune into episode 4 of the New York Bar Store Show as we welcome back our two beautiful guests: Cody and Haleigh, founders of HomeBarNetwork. From Southeast Asia’s great taste and cultures to Parisian bars & romance, these bartenders share their stories with us! You’ll learn how they stay updated in this ever changing industry while also telling us about some mistakes that shouldn’t be made at all.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Sharing their experience during their honeymoon in Southeast Asia – “Asia White” on a “michelin star” Bar.
  • Their trip in Paris in 2015 exploring the bars and their “bloody mary” story
  • The biggest achievements both have in the industry
    • Creation of Home Bar Network and their goals
  • Worst mistakes they both experience that they don’t want others to do (their own experience with other bars/bartenders)
    • Inconsistency in creating a cocktail from other bars /bartenders which leads to bars losing their customers
    • Certain level of hospitality behind the bar – mix of attitude and execution (of bartenders)
  • How they stay updated in the industry
    • Reading punchdrink newsletter – https://punchdrink.com/
    • Reading a lot of cocktail books
    • Reading and going back to history, reading a lot about how they create cocktails 100 years ago.
    • Looking for trusted source/ learning from someone making proper cocktails

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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