Esatto Bar Equipment Gift Set - 6 Store N Pour Bottles, 2 Bar Mats and 2 Shaker Mats, 24 Pourers

Brand: Esatto



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Any bar operates better if you have the right tools by your side. With the right tools, many things become easier for bar owners and bartenders. With all the available tools though, the question is which ones should you get? In all honesty, if you could get all possible tools, why wouldn’t you? Fortunately, Esatto has prepared a gift set that includes several tools that include store n pour bottles, bar mats, shaker mats, and pourers.
Material Plastic
Brand Esatto
Color Assorted
Included Components Shaker

STORE N POUR BOTTLES – These store n pour bottles are an essential piece of bar equipment. Use these bottles to store and mix a variety of ingredients in your bars and restaurants. These bottles can store ingredients such as mixers and various juices. They can then be added to a variety of cocktails. The result is quicker service as well as an expanded repertoire of drinks that can be offered to customers. It also features a screwed on lid so you’ll never lose a lid again.

BAR MATS – Our standard sized professional bar mat is a favorite choice by any and all bars. Using these bar mats can help protect your countertops and floors from spills. This allows for you to maintain the quality of your countertop, and more importantly, the safety of the bar workers and customers. Without spills on the floor, slips and accidents can be significantly redued. It also has a good anti-slip surface, ensuring your glasses never slip and fall.

SHAKER MATS – Despite our best efforts, spills will inevitably take place. However, bar owners don’t need to only worry about spills. They also need to keep an eye out for the precipitation from the glasses and shakers. It is best to be prepared and protect your bar countertops from any spills from your shakers. Keep the spills on our shaker mats. Save precious time and effort from cleaning unwanted messes and protect the aesthetic of your countertop and bar overall.

POURERS – This set also comes with 24 pourers and 24 dust covers. Pour with precision and never waste another drop from your bottles. These pourers mean no leaks, no rust, and years of use as you can wash them in warm water to return them to their original shape. While these pourers do not fit bottles with oversized necks, they fit most other bottles that you utilize at your bar. Every drop is an opportunity to earn, and the pourers and dust covers ensure that this opportunity turns a profit.

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