Bill Clinton Novelty Corkscrew

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Bill Clinton Novelty Corkscrew

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Sometimes, the less you say about a product the better. I think that applies here, but I¡¯ve never been one to take my own advise.
The Bill Clinton bottle opener is perfect as a Christmas gift for the wine lover, Bill Clinton fan, political memorabilia collector, gag gift or office grab bag gift for your coworkers. Democrat or Republican, Clinton, Obama or McCain, who do you know that wouldn¡¯t get a laugh out of this opener! One of the most unique novelty wine openers we¡¯ve ever seen.
Its also a fully functional wine opener and the *ahem* corkscrew conveniently folds down when not in use. However, just like Bill, we feel you¡¯ll find use for it often. Please use responsibly.
If you liked the Hillary Clinton nut cracker from last year, this is the perfect addition to the collection!

Plastic body, stainless steel corkscrew

Fully functional

Perfect gag gift!

Perfect addition to the Hillary Clinton Nut Cracker!
Shipping Weight: 0.65lbs
Manufactured by: nybs

Bill Clinton Novelty Corkscrew

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