Elegant Cross for Car Mirror - White Crystals

Brand: Akitai



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Transform every trip and drive with the crystal cross for car mirror hanging ornament. These natural crystal decors are more than just for show. While aesthetically pleasing, the beads also work to take in the warmth light of the sun and diffuse it into beautiful colors that are spread throughout your car. The beauty of these colors not only sets you in a better mood, but also gives off a feeling of joy and inspiration as you drive to your destinations. The elegant cross included in the design also stands for many things. One of the biggest ones is safety, protecting the driver and the passengers from anything that may happen. It also symbolizes forgiveness and love. The quality materials used to make this natural crystal hanging ornament include beads, the crystal cross, and brass. A strong and durable polyester rope helps to keep it all hanging together. Apart from being a cross car mirror hanging accessory, this charm is very versatile as well. It can be used as a hanging decoration anywhere that has windows or mirrors. For this reason, it is also an ideal gift to your friends and loved ones. Giving it as a gift is more than just making their lives more beautiful, but also making it more loving.
Auto Part Position Front
Brand Akitai
Color White Crystals
Mounting Type Hanging
Included Components Cord And String
Size Medium

✨ Vibrant Colors: Bask in the luminous colors created by this charm’s unique sun-catching capabilities. Its beads disperse the sun’s rays, enveloping your car in a myriad of shades. Be it a quick drive to the store, your daily commute, or a long road trip, let the hues immerse your drives in vibrant energy, making each journey a delightful experience.

✨ Symbolic Buddha: The central figure of Buddha is more than just an aesthetic choice. Recognized globally for embodying peace, love, and enlightenment, this design is also a beacon of protection for the vehicle’s occupants. Drive with added assurance, knowing that the teachings of Buddha accompany you, encouraging patience and safety.

✨ Gift of Enlightenment: Bestow upon your loved ones a gift that’s not only rich in symbolism, but also elevates the aesthetics of a car or location. These tassels, with their radiant beads, are not just limited to automobiles. They’re versatile enough to be hung in homes or offices, making them a cherished gift for many.

✨ Crafted with Integrity: Made with precision and an attention to detail in mind, this rearview mirror charm uses premium beads, crystals, and a resilient polyester rope. This hanging charm ensures longevity. Experience peace knowing that the charm will remain intact, serving its purpose of enhancing the ambiance and ensuring protection.

✨ Personalize Your Charm: Dive into Akitai’s diverse collection, which boasts a plethora of crystals to partner with this Buddha charm. Opt for a combination that suits your aesthetic preferences, or select crystals with meanings and benefits that resonate with you. With each crystal representing unique meanings and benefits, you can tailor your charm to resonate with your personal journey.

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