Flat 7″ bottle opener


  • Bartender’s Best Friend, fits flat in pocket.
  • Made of high quality Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 7″ x 1.55″
  • Whether its a Monday evening or a Saturday night, be sure to keep your customers happy with our flat bottle openers. Its stainless steel design makes it very durable, and its flat and compact design fits in any pocket or drawer. The bottle opener can be attached to bead chains for easy access, allowing you to quickly and swiftly serve your customers. ( from newstarfoodservice ).
  • Easily one of a bartender’s best friends, this Stainless Steel Flat Bottle Opener fits neatly in a pocket or apron for quick and simple service. The incredibly durable construction and slim profile make this bottle opener perfect for any busy restaurant, sports bar, or homeowner who loves to entertain. ( from organizeit ).
  • good for showmanship in bar flairing.