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FLEAFLICKA Bottle Opener – The evolution of function and style. – FLEAFLICKA Bottle Opener Ring is the most efficient tool of its kind on the market today. Each size 7 ?16 has been hand-carved from jewelers wax and then cast in stainless steel and limited edition sterling silver. The device was designed specifically to pop bottle caps fast, and to look good doing it. It is functionally guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Behind the bar, the easiest bottle opener to keep track of and use quickly for most bartenders is the ring style bottle opener. The basic flaw behind most ring finger style bottle openers is that they function the same way a standard flat bottle opener does – by prying back the bottle cap. And when the bottle opener is connected to your finger, that means prying back your finger as well. The result is your finger being bent backwards over and over again, much like a game of “mercy” with the bottle caps. I don¡¯t claim to have an particular insight into orthopedics, but I know that bending your fingers backwards hurts.

Enter the FleaFlicka. FleaFlicka’s unique design lifts the cap from under, instead of prying it off. Simple place your hand over the bottle and roll forward. TADA! no more bottle cap. The patented design uses a leverage point at the back knuckle of the middle finger to lift the cap off the bottle with remarkable ease. The key is that the claw on the opener catches the bottle cap with the palm of your hand positioned nearly vertically instead of positioned facing down. That extra angle keeps the tension off your knuckle joints and on the cap where it belongs!

And these are QUALITY openers. All Flea Flicka bottle openers come with a manufacturers lifetime functional guarantee. We as well offer a 30 day return policy for full refund if you dont love the FLEAFLICKA. Each different size (7-16) is hand-carved from jeweler’s wax and then cast in stainless steel and sterling silver. These rings are designed to be not only a workhorse, but a stylish accent and an instant conversation starter. Pop the top, beak the ice and collect the tips.

Note that it may take a week or so for your hand to get use to the repetition, much as would a guitarist fingertips or a gardeners hands. If you experience problems, SLOW DOWN and read the directions again.

Designed to be worn on the middle finger, but some bartenders prefer to wear on index or ring finger. Should fit slightly loose for best results


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