Esatto Rubber Dust Cap

Esatto’s Rubber Dust Cap for Metal Pourers is designed for the purpose of keeping your liquor clean, free from dust, safe from debris and out of reach of fruit flies even after every pour. It is able to do that because the dust cap has a snug fit. Your wine will be safe and secured when you have the dust cap on.

This will easily be a bartender’s friend as it fits most metal pourers. The thermoplastic rubber material of the dust cap makes it pliable so it’s easier to place them in the metal pourers. Another good news to consider is that it can be used to cover draught and pourer spouts.

Having your bottles with dust caps on will also add a uniform appeal to your bar giving off a clean, sleek and classy look. Whether you use it in a restaurant, bar, clubs, pubs or even at home, its universal design enhances not just the condition of your wine but the overall look of your bar area.

You also wouldn’t have to worry about harmful effects because Esatto’s rubber dust cap is environmentally and health friendly. It is BPA-free and has met the Prop65 requirements meaning they provide adequate warnings to customers for possible exposure to chemicals that may have negative effects to your body.

Unboxing Esatto Rubber Dust Cap