Julip Cocktail Strainer


  • Constructed with professional grade stainless steel and is meant to last.
  • Fit in any shaker.
  • With this tool you will get a superior strain every time and never have a problem removing the ice from your cocktail.
  • so named because it was originally meant to serve mint juleps. In the years before the drinking straw was popularized, the julep strainer allowed a drinker to quaff a julep without getting a faceful of crushed ice and mint. Imbibers held the ice and mint back with the strainer while sipping the julep. A julep strainer consists of a perforated bowl-shaped cup with an attached handle.( from Serious Eats)
  • The Starter Julep Strainer is essential to catch those large chunks of ice or ingredients whilst pouring your cocktail into the glass. The perforated stainless steel bowl makes sure your not picking bits out of your drink nevermind your teeth. ( from thecocktailstore ).