Esatto Bar Products Bar Set (Condiment Holder, Shaker Mats, Muddler, Glass Rimmer and Pourers)

Brand: Esatto


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Whether you are a new bartender off to make a name for himself or a home buddy who keeps a home bar, the Esatto Bar Set with Condiment Holder should be in your basic bar setup. Its dimensions and depth gives you enough space to hold the garnishes you need for your cocktail mixes. Garnishes like slices of citrus fruits, berries, olives and others can be held and organized in the 6 internal compartments of the condiment holder. You can place your straws and swizzle sticks in the 2 external detachable compartments. All that you need can be reached in arm’s length, saving you the time to finish mixing up drinks. To further complete your set-up, we included in the bar set 2 shaker mats, 1 muddler, 1 glass rimmer and 24 black pourers with covers. You can start serving drinks the moment you get hold of your very own bar set with condiment holder. Health and Safety is also a primary concern for Esatto that we ensure our products are safe from harmful elements. PVC free and easily recyclable thus making it a very eco-friendly product.
Material Plastic
Brand Esatto
Color Black
Included Components Muddler

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – Condiment holders have been used in the bar industry for years. Cocktail condiments are essential to crafting more drinks that your customers can enjoy. Have these important drink ingredients ready and waiting in the condiment holder. The condiment holder has 6 internal compartments with dimensions of L=19.40 inches, W=5.90 inches, H=4 inches, deep enough to hold condiments, sliced vegetables, fruits and garnishes that you need for the drinks you’re mixing.

EXPANDED FUNCTION – This comes with 2 detachable external compartments where you can place your other tools or utensils, straws, swizzle sticks and other bar things that you will need when preparing your drinks for guests. It is a great tool that helps to organize, keep things clean, and produce drinks at a faster pace. Prep these compartments for quick service time. When the rush comes, bartenders can feel at ease knowing that everything they need for quality service is in arms length.

STYLISH – Made of ABS Plastic, the condiment holder shows a black, sleek design that you can add to your bar, home, restaurants, and even drink stations at events. The ABS plastic is a material that is deemed safe for the purpose of food processing. It also has inherent resistances that maintain its durability. Finally, it is extremely easy to clean the condiment holder. All bartender need to do is simply wash it and then let it dry for any upcoming services.

SHAKER MATS – Despite our best efforts, spills will inevitably take place. However, bar owners don’t need to only worry about spills. They also need to keep an eye out for the precipitation from the glasses and shakers. It is best to be prepared and protect your bar countertops from any spills from your shakers. Keep the spills on our shaker mats. Save precious time and effort from cleaning unwanted messes and protect the aesthetic of your countertop and bar overall.

MUDDLER AND GLASS RIMMER – Also included in this set are a muddler and glass rimmer. This glass rimmer helps prepare drinks quickly. Add salt, sugar, lime juice, and many other ingredients for quick and efficient application on glass rims. The muddler is an ideal bartending tools that helps prepare different drinks. Use the muddlers to mash ingredients like herbs, spices, sugar, salt, and berries. Serve an expanded array of drinks, offering a little something for everyone.

POURERS – This set also comes with 24 pourers with covers. Pour with precision and never waste another drop from your bottles. These pourers mean no leaks, no rust, and years of use as you can wash them in warm water to return them to their original shape. While these pourers do not fit bottles with oversized necks, they fit most other bottles that you utilize at your bar. Every drop is an opportunity to earn, and the pourers and dust covers ensure that this opportunity turns a profit.

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