Red Knob 11″ bar spoon


  • Easy to grip, twisted mid-section
  • Decorative red knob to spot easily
  • Length: 11  inch
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • use for mixing drinks on Shakers and other bar products as well as glasses.

These 11″ Bar Spoon makes it easy to stir your drinks and ingredients inside a mixing glass or tall shaker tin. The red knob on the end makes these stainless steel bar accessories easy to spot among your barware tools. It features a  twisted shaft for optimal grip and decorative appeal

These uniquely designed Red knob bar spoon are attractive, versatile, and extremely durable. The long handle allows for perfect mixing in glasses and pitchers. The single piece of solid steel is polished to perfection, with a specially designed blunt spoon tip that measures a level teaspoon.