Esatto 6” x 12” – 2 Piece Black Shaker Mat (SHAMAT)

Imagine it is just another day working at your bar. You have your cocktail shaker in hand as you mix the drinks of your customers. After serving the drink, you place a wet shaker on the counter. It is a normal day at the office.

However, as time goes by, you notice your bar’s counter top withering away. It isn’t a good look for your bar and your investment is damaged. You recall that it is the spot where wet shakers are placed on the countertop.

This is just one thing that our professional shaker mat can help with. You owe it to yourself and to your customers to keep your bar and countertops in tip top shape. Protect your bar’s countertops by creating a dry landing space for the moisture from your used shakers.

At just 6” x 12”, you can easily fit our shaker mats anywhere on your bar’s countertop. It is an ideal fit for even the most compact spaces. If you would like to create a bigger dry landing space, you can pair two or more of our shaker mats together easily and conveniently.

Apart from shaker moisture, these shaker mats can also help catch spills from a variety of drinks and liquids. Keep the spills off the floor and save on precious time, resources, and efforts. The simple cleaning of spills on these shaker mats beats cleaning floors any day.