Shot Glass Set

Ain’t no thrilling party without rousing shots!

Spoil yourself, embrace your love for luxury, and enjoy shots of your favorite drink with this stunning, mind-blowing, lead-free Excalibur Brothers shot glass set.

No one’s up for boring drinks. We’re too lit for that!

Impress your guests with our …

6 HIGH-QUALITY LUSTROUS GLASS SET. They are thick, heavy, and rim gold plated, plus they’re sculpted with a fine Gothic-inspired theme. The rugged texture makes it very easy to hold. No tipping, no spilling, and not even prone into cracking. This set is truly made for your own pleasure and comfort because YOU are important to us.

The glass set is also elegantly displayed together with a MAHOGANY WOOD BASE TRAY with a GOLD ACCENT that adds a touch of class. Why stay dull and plain if you have the option of adding an opulent taste and modish design in your own home bar? If so, get ready to receive loads of compliments on how great your sense of art is!

Thinking of a PERFECT & UNUSUAL GIFT FOR HIM OR HER? We got you covered! The E.B. set also comes up with our thick branded gorgeous GIFT BOX. All glassware is well-protected with foam inside so no worries about carrying it.