Whisky Journey: From a Masterclass to the Brisbane Whisky Scene with Mark Modra

Episode 2 of the New York Bar Store Show brings us Mark Modra, the man behind Brisbane Whisky Scene. Listen in as Mark takes us through his Whisky journey – from joining a masterclass that started it all to running a club, organizing events and becoming one of Whisky’s ultimate ambassadors.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • About Mark Modra – how the whisky journey started and why it forms a major part of his identity
  • Organizing events and running a whisky club
  • The whisky-making process
  • Whisky clubs around the world and helping run the Queensland Malt Whisky Society
  • Trends in the whisky world – blogs, youtube channels, social media personalities
  • Whisky brands that Mark recommends
  • Mark making Maple-Bacon Old Fashioned cocktail
  • Local bars in Brisbane
  • A fanboy moment – meeting Jim McEwan, head distiller of Bruichladdich 
  • Whisky not as famous as wine
  • Whisky industry in year 2023
  • Biggest accomplishment in the world of whisky
  • Promoting the Brisbane Whisky Scene, partnering with ambassadors and local bars
  • How can people connect with you?

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

(from L-R) Jim McEwan, Mark Modra, and Eddie Brook

Jim was head distiller of Bruichladdich and has since partnered with Eddie Brook (who made great gin) to form Byron Bay distillery to make some great whisky.

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