4 Prong Hawthorn Wire Strainer / Cocktail Strainer


The bar tools of the trade are part of the most common set of accessories used by all bartenders. Used with large to medium and large cocktail shakers (a.k.a. tins, cheater tins, boston shakers) and mixing glasses, they’re used to keep ice strained while pouring chilled cocktails and liquors while providing a steady flow. Made from stainless steel. 

Also known as a cocktail strainer, wire strainer or fine cocktail strainer, a 4 prong strainer is most commonly used with a 28 oz. shaker, a 16 oz. shaker or a mixing glass to strain fluid away from ice while pouring into a glass. All stainless steel. Professional Grade.

Kinds of Strainers

The hawthorn strainer so named for a once-prominent brand name of such strainers (rather like the way Kleenex is often used as a generic for facial tissue). A Hawthorne strainer consists of a flat disc to which is affixed a coiled spring. The spring traps large chunks or slivers of ice and other solid ingredients, such as muddled fruit or mint leaves.

Julep strainer — so named because it was originally meant to serve mint juleps. In the years before the drinking straw was popularized, the julep strainer allowed a drinker to quaff a julep without getting a faceful of crushed ice and mint. Imbibers held the ice and mint back with the strainer while sipping the julep. A julep strainer consists of a perforated bowl-shaped cup with an attached handle.


weight: 0.1lbs