Esatto Glass Salt Rimmer 3 Tier for Margarita and Cocktail, Black

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One very useful professional bar tool is the glass rimmer. Decorating the rims of glasses with various ingredients is both an aesthetic endeavor, and one that can serve to enhance and elevate the taste of certain drinks. Esatto offers a glass rimmer that has three different tiers. This means that you can prepare three different ingredients for each tier. You can choose to load each tier with salt, sugar, lime juice, and many other ingredients you may need.

3 LABELED TRAYS – Each rimmer in Essato’s salt rimmer for cocktails set comes in three tiers. This allows you to prepare three different glass rim ingredients for various drinks like salt, sugar, lime juice, and many others.

SAVE TIME – Preparing these glass rimmer for cocktails ahead of time and applying various ingredients allows bar salt rimmers professionals to prepare drinks at a much faster and relaxed pace. This is a welcome addition for bars that have those hectic nights. When the service rush comes in, bartenders can remain cool, calm, and collected. Their efforts can be focused towards quality service. The glass rimmer can not only be used to prepare drinks faster, but also a wider variety of drinks.

AESTHETICS AND TASTE – Applying ingredients to the rim of a glass is a great aesthetic feature that makes the drinks you serve look pleasing to the eye. Certain ingredients can also enhance the flavors of your drinks. People who prepare drinks often think that ingredients can just be added to the glass. However, some of these dissolve easily. Adding it to the rim ensures that it touches the tongue. The effect is a change of flavor and an opportunity to enhance the taste of your drink.

SHIFTING COMPONENTS FOR BETTER STORAGE – Each tier of our glass rimmers for drinks easily shifts in and out. These allow for better storage as it becomes one compact unit when the tiers are folded in. This means that no matter where it used – whether in a restaurant, a condo, or in any home, it will easily find its place and can be stored without much inconvenience. This margarita salt rimmer set is durable, dishwasher safe, and made of high-quality food safe ABS plastic.

EXTRA SPONGE AND POURERS – With each purchase of our 3-tier suggar rimmer for cocktails, it comes with 2 spare sponges for when the salt and lime rimmer compartment is worn out. This allows it to be used and re-used for years to come. Additionally, it also comes with 3 pourers that are great for serving spirits and liquors. The precision attained from these pourers allows not a drop to be spilled and wasted. These pourers come with a built-in lid, so you can seal the bottles when you are done.

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