Mens Leather Flask

Got enough of the plain, boring, old-fashion flask? You don’t need to settle for less. We’re too lit for that.

Bring out some extra masculinity in you with the newest and timeless Excalibur Brother’s leather hip flask! Surely, everybody in the room will turn their head right to you as you carry this.

And we’re not just bragging for nothing. We offer you the great deal as the Excalibur Brother leather hip flask is made of.

Premium Quality
Our eye-catching flask is charismatically presented with a lavish wooden case. Inside is an 8 oz, 304 stainless steel hip flask covered with smooth PU leather, and 2 pcs shiny pony shot glasses.

Anti-corrosion & Anti-rust
Truly made of the finest and non-toxic stainless steel that will never fade and rust and will never let you down! Also, this is a beast in restoring high acidity liquor. Even after the drink was opened or transferred, the metal will never corrode, and the taste of your favorite beverage will still be the same even after a long period of time.

Unboxing Mens Leather Flask