Wide Cork Pour Spout (For Patron)

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WIDE CORK pour spout (single)

This is known as the world’s best pour spout, and there is a reason for it! First, it is the ONLY free pourer that comes with a wide enough cork to fit a Patron, Cuervo 1800, or other wide neck bottles standard pour spouts simply fall out of. Also, it is a top quality Magnuson pour spout, offering ultra smooth pouring and top quality construction.

Many of our customers have contacted us stating that they would like to buy just a few of these at a time, as they only have one or two bottles that they would need them for. Therefore, we now offer them individually, as well as in dozens.

Note: These pour spouts are designed to fit Patron bottles within the factory tolerance as stated by Patron. But since each Patron bottle is hand blown there may be slight variations in actual spout size, rarely but potentially resulting in a looser or tighter than desirable fit on some bottles.

Cork diameter is approx. 1 1/8″

This is for one individual pour spout

Fits wide neck bottles such as Patron and Cuervo 1800 bottles

The individual pour spouts are only available in smoke w/black collar

These are non-measured free pourer spouts
Shipping Weight: 0.01lbs
Manufactured by: nybs

WIDE CORK pour spout (single)

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