Tiki Party Supplies – Tropical & Outstanding!!

Who doesn’t love a tiki party?! If you’re gonna make island drinks, these products are a must have – get laughs, jaw dropping reactions and have a great time!

also check out some we have had over the years and let us know if you are interested in any!

Hula Girl Straws – pack of 12

Packed a dozen in a bag. These plastic straws have an actual tissue hula girl attached. Just open the skirt and wrap it around the straw and match the slots. You are now ready to officially enjoy your party and your drink.

Tiki Shot Glasses (set of 4)

Tiki themed ceramic shot glass 2 1/4 inches tall and holds 1 1/2 oz. This is a set of 4 shot glasses – you get one of each. Other than that, I think these pretty much sell themselves, so I’ll stop now.

Parasol Umbrella Drink Picks (144 count)

These are the ultimate decoration for all your favorite sweet drinks! Give your daiquiri and margarita a feel like you’re in paradise!

Sword Picks (1,000)

Nothing makes drinking more fun than these sword cocktail picks! These little mini swords are perfect for adding a touch of flair to any mixed drink. Plus, they are a lot less likely to be swallowed than a regular tooth pick. Perfect for pirate theme parties and much safer than handing actual swords to your guests!Comes in 1000 per box in assorted colors, so you’ve got all the sabers you will need for the foreseeable future.

Palm Tree 24oz Cup with Straw and Lid (sold out)

I thought I had everything I needed in my home bar until I saw this. I think I now use this to drink everything but coffee. These 16″ tall, 24oz very reusable plastic cups come complete with palm frond on top and includes a flexible straw that goes to the bottom. Makes ANY drink better, low cost makes them perfect for buy the cup and get cheap refill bar specials! Use it for Mai Tias, Blue Hawaiis, Gilligan’s Islands, Strawberry Daiquiris, Hurricanes and a bunch of other stuff I don’t remember the names of. It’s fun and fits your hand perfectly. Try it – you’ll see.

10oz Pineapple Cup with Lid (sold out)

These 5 1/2″ tall, 10oz cups are made of durable plastic with a screw-on lid. Bound to make your tiki or luau theme party! The lid includes a hole for a flexible straw and a cap and pineapple fronds to get you in the spirit. Straw not included.

24oz Three Piece Tiki Shaker (sold out)

My first reaction when I saw this was 1: Whoa…first, where do I get one and 2: where do I get more to make them available on New York Bar Store! If you’re gonna make island drinks, this is a must. Perfect for any kind of concoction and complete with a strainer top to keep that nasty ice from diluting your drink, just like our regular 3 piece shakers but this thing has even smoother operation.

Big Mouth Tiki Mugs (set of 4) (sold out)

These mugs as a set of 4, these are 12 oz mugs. Not sure if they are called “big mouth” for the opening on the top or the tiki mask on the front, but either way there’s no question whose mug is whose. Works for tropical drinks or for a large coffee mug.

Set of 3 Parrot Cups w/Lid (sold out)

These 5″ tall 11 oz Parrot shaped plastic cups come as a set of 3 assorted colors so your party won’t look like the cups are all inbred. Complete with a straw hole in the lid and the cup snaps apart for easy cleaning and multiple uses (straw not included)

Set of 4 Tiki Mugs (sold out)

The perfect mug for the perfect Tiki or luau theme party. Fill up Bela, Carlos, Klaus, and Sherm with 14oz of your favorite Polynesian Punch and get this party started. You wouldn’t think Polynesian tiki gods would have names like that, but hey, you tell them otherwise. These ceramic mugs come as a set of 4.

Set of 6 Coconut Cups in Assorted Colors (sold out)


These 5 1/2″ tall, 16 oz coconut cups are made of hard plastic and comes as a set of 6 in assorted colors. These guys will turn any party into a luau. The top snaps on and off for easy filling and comes complete with a straw hole (Straw not included). Perfect addition to any tiki party or luau.

Flamingo Straws – pack of 12 (sold out)


Pink plastic straws with a flamingo attached. Wrap the bird around the straw, match the slots and you’ve got one cool straw. Perfect for any of our cups and glasses. Pack of 12 straws.

Tiki Coasters (set of 4) (sold out)


Pack of 4 coasters. Coasters are wood and 3″x4″ in size. Perfect from keeping the coffee table gods at bay at your next party!

Tiki Garland for Luau Theme Party – 12ft! (sold out)


12 feet long and covered with flower petals. This garland will set the stage for your party and change it from “just a party” to an luau. Tiki Masks hang down every couple feet and island legend says they work like mistletoe. Try it – you’ll see.

Tiki Print Napkins (sold out)


Perfect for your tiki theme party, napkins come printed with tiki god and design. Each bag contains 20 standard 10″x10″ napkins (well, 5×5 folded up).

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